Leading the graphic arts industry in the Canary Islands since 1880, we have developed an efficient production system with cutting edge technology, innovative techniques and strict environmental policies. We believe that human resources will always be the best investment, and that is why our family is proud to have generated the following data:

+ 190.000 ft² of graphic arts

+ 100 years creating jobs

+ 6.000 million pieces printed

+20 countries we have worked in

Over one century of experience. We will help you determine the best quality printing system for your project.


Litografía Romero belongs to the select group of Partner Companies of Elaborado en Canarias, a collective brand, registered and authorized by the Patents and Trademarks Office and by the Government of the Canary Islands. This brand showcases products that are made and produced in local territory and in compliance with its laws and regulations.

We are also one of the thirty 100-year-old companies of Tenerife that have received the Golden Medal of the Island, awarded by the Tinerfenian Council, in recognition of our uninterrupted activity and contributions to Tenerife’s society. The total amount of jobs created, the sector to which it is directed, the number of generations involved, as well as social and environmental policies, have been taken into account in the awarding of this distinction.