Finishing Options

Die cutters and guillotines

Bobst Vision Cut 106 LER, format 74 X 102 cm, and Bobst SP 102 CER, 72 x 102 cm. Specially designed for the production of cases.

Strumber stamping machine, for manual stamping of samples.

Two 155 cm Wohlemberg guillotines, equipped with a vibrator and an air ejector roller, an electronic counter scale, and an automatic paper stack elevator.

Folder – Gummer

Two Jagemberg folding machines. Gluing of cases with the possibility of printing alphanumeric and QR codes for promotions. inkjet printer


Specials: Laminator, UVI Varnish Application and Stampings

Laminated with polypropylene.

Sakuray 72y102 Serighrapy UVI. A machine for UVI varnish reserves.

Two Saroglias for stamping and printing.

Folders, collators and stitchers

Two 72 x 102 cm format folding machines.

A 50 x 70 cm format folder.

Two Martini-Müller book collators with 20 stations.

Two Martini-Müller vegetable thread stitchers.

CAVALLERI Transversal and Longitudinal Cutter Sheeter Machine.



Rustic binding (soft cover).

Hardcover binding.

Booklet and magazine stapler

A 10 station Müller-Martini machine.