Frequent questions


      1.- Where is Litografía Romero, S.L.

       Our facilities are located in the Valle de Güímar Industrial Estate (Arafo), and we have a Delegation in La Palmas de Gran Canaria.


      2.- What is the schedule?

       Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. uninterruptedly.



      1.- Does Litografía Romero carry out design developments?

       Yes, although we preferably ask our clients for the AAFF (Final Arts) ready to print in PDF format.


      2.- In what digital format can I send my Files?

       PDF format whenever possible

       As an alternative in JPG format.


      3.- In which digital medium can I send my files

      On CD, DVD, Pen drive, …


      4.- Can I send my files over the internet?

      Yes, by Wetransfer, Dropbox, …


      5.- What resolution should the digital files have?

      300 ppi


      6.- Do the designs have to have bleed?

      Yes, minimum 3 mm.


      7.- Do you do a printed test before the final printing?

      Yes, and your approval is essential to proceed with printing.


      8.- Once the PDF and / or Color Proof have been approved, if there are corrections, will any additional cost be generated?



      9.- What is a die?

       Tool to make cases and labels irregularly. A die is made up of blades. There are three types of parts inside the die:

      -Crease: To facilitate folding edges, tabs, do not cut the cardboard.
      -Climbing: A discontinuous cut that allows starting / separating a piece.
      -Cut: The final edges that limit each shape.


      10.- Why does the customer assume the cost of the die?

      Because it is a “personalized” item for each job that has a significant cost that must be paid only the first time. Once the first roll has been made, it remains in our Dies file to be reused in future reprint orders in which the format is not modified by the customer. Being a tool that is developed with our own know-how and adjusted to our equipment, it can only be used on our machines.


      11.- Can the flexo cliches be used several times?

      Yes, as long as the design doesn’t change.


      12.- What are the differences between Digital Printing, Web-Offset, Rotary, Flexography, and Rotogravure?

      It only depends on the characteristics of each job. In each case we can advise you according to your needs.



      1.- What are the minimum and maximum quantities to place an order?

      Any amount, depending on the technical characteristics of the job, will decide the type of printing, Digital, Offset, Rotogravure …


      2.- Do they print the right amount of a job or can it vary?

      It can vary, according to the general rules of Graphic Arts, in + -10%.


      3.- Can I have personalized technical advice to define the technical characteristics of my work, format, number of colors, types of paper, printing system, types of finish, types of binding, etc.?


      We like direct contact with the client, if you provide us with your e-mail and telephone, we will contact you personally to assist you



      1.- How long would it take to deliver the merchandise in Gran Canaria?

      Production planning takes into account 1 day of transport to Gran Canaria.


      2.- Do you deliver merchandise to other Islands?

      Yes, transit time 1 or 2 days.


      3.- Is transportation included in the budget?

      Yes, it is included in the price.


      4.- Can you make several deliveries or just one?

      When the order is formalized, the planned delivery plan must be indicated (one or more deliveries).


      5.- Are the papers and cardboard you use ecological?

      All the papers we use have a PEFC certificate (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – Forest Stewardship Council) and FSC certificate, which guarantees a provenance of sustainably managed forests .


      7.- What type of Quality Certification does the company have?

      We have ISO 9001 certification.


      8.- Does Romero Lithography have a Quality Control department?

      Yes, we carry out a rigorous quality assurance plan.


      9.- How long does it take to give me a quote?

      24 hours.


      10.- What is the working procedure?

      The steps to follow are those:

      -Formalization of the contract between the parties.
      Set the delivery date requested by you and accepted by our company.
      -Send the digital files in PDF format. If possible together with a printed proof.
      -We will send you a color proof or printable file in PDF format. Once approved by you, we will proceed to print.
      -Delivery of the work according to the agreed conditions.

      11.- What is the delivery time of an order?

      By mutual agreement, depending on your needs and Production planning.

      In order to establish a Production term, it is necessary to consult the planning at the time and know the type of work.

      Each job varies according to the process and the number of machines involved.

      It is important to know the needs of our clients to know if it is possible to adjust our planning to your request.


      12.- What are the advantages when ordering the work with you?

      Our advantages are: closeness to the customer, just in time deliveries, safety stock.

      The risks are minimized by having us.


      13.- What types of finishes does Litografía Romero offer?

      We could summarize them as follows:

      -Gloss laminates, matte laminates, UVI varnish, UVI reserve, lines, climbs, die-cut and relief, gold, silver, metallic and color stamping.
      -Types of brochure folding: diptych, triptych, quadruple, 6 body, 8 body, window folding, accordion folding.
      -Special inks: gold, silver and metallic.
      -Stamping in gold, silver and special colors.
      -Binding: Sewn, glued, wire’o and stapled.
      -Hardcover and softcover books.

      14.- Do you use inks suitable for food, with certificates that guarantee them?

      Yes, we have the certificate that guarantees its use in food and sanitary registration nº 39.03269 / TF.



      1.- Do you have an after-sales service?

       Yes, we have this service that tracks work to assess the degree of satisfaction of our customers.